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Sano Technologies is committed to creating products and services to unlock the potential of digital health care, for today and future generations.  We are a team of product designers and technologists with a shared passion for health care.  Our board of advisors includes clinicians and geneticists guiding us with expert knowledge.

Our mission is to solve one of the most pressing issues in health care: the need for a centralized digital record of an individual's health data.  We envision that technology can address this problem when deployed correctly.  With the Internet and the cell phone becoming ubiquitous, there is no limit to how technology can positively impact public health.
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dChek is a diabetes management application, that allows the patients to manage diabetes on-the-go. Take a quick look at how dChek can help you optimize your health and sense of well-being.

Manage diabetes, anytime, anywhere

dChek creates more ways to integrate your blood glucose levels, food intake and medication usage.  With the careful integration of these three elements, it is possible to lead an active, healthy life with diabetes.  dChek can be used on web or mobile to enter your vital information.

Be on track, see progress

We work with your doctor to deliver alerts about medications and to schedule a visit to your doctor's office, when necessary.  In addition, dChek sends periodic reminders about physical activity, calorie intake and more.  You can effortlessly track your progress with online graphs and charts.

Share with your doctor and family

dChek presents your vital information in an easily understood format, which you can share with your doctor and family.   You can also maintain essential information like current and past medications, allergies and blood glucose levels for accurate diagnosis.

Secured and encrypted - from your browser to the database

Your privacy is very important to us.  Information is secured and encrypted all the way from your browser to our database.

Achieve your goal, toward a healthy life

dChek gives you tools and information to reach your long-term goal.  Living healthy is our philosophy, what's yours?
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